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an insider into the life of a senior student losing her sanity 🙂 have fun folks

  • welp hi

    22nd June 2019 by

    honestly don’t know where this will end but oh well. Hi i’m (undisclosed because I don’t feel like getting exposed by irls but you can just call me n) and welcome! I’m a senior high school student who just really needs an outlet for her miserable life. I don’t have the patience for diaries, or… Read more

  • + more info on your residential stressed student

    22nd June 2019 by

    well I figured it’d be wise to at least provide some information on me so you don’t think i’m a murderer or some weirdo old granddad. i’m not a murderer 🙂 i’m a senior hs student, who’s doing advanced english but can’t be fucked with proper capitalisation and grammar, please don’t attack me i’m australian!… Read more

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